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CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is one of the major tourist attractions situated in the state of Uttarakhand, District Nainital. Where the basic format raise and come up in the lane particularly for the JIM CORBETT marking the fundamental concern behind that the JIM CORBETT is somewhat a Park that belongs to the country and to the people surviving into it and then it is considered as marking into the procedure of making in regards for the enrichment of the particular lives basically for all of us.

It is considered to be one of the oldest National Park In India which was earlier established in the year 1963 which is situated in Nainital District of Uttarakhand by the name The Hailey National Park marking up the concern of protecting the Endangered Bengal Tiger, and later changed to the name of JIM CORBETT National Park after the name of one of the renowned Hunter and the Naturalist Mr. JIM CORBETT whose actual name was Mr. Edward James Corbett carrying up the initiative of the Project Tiger to grow more.

After getting hooked with, CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING and then later you been there in the JIM CORBETT you will be forsure never be the same. In order to begin the journey the initial step towards the ranking of the JIM CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING takes you the other end and describes it’s magic to someone who has never felt it yet.

One going and planning over JIM CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING PRICE offers a lane full of Adventures among which the most wonderful experience comes out of the Safari. It is considered to be one of the most adventurous and preferred adventurous activity of the tourists with the inclusion of the Elephant Safari, the Canter Safari and the Jeep Safari.





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In order to visit the Corbett it is essential to know about the gates and at the of CORBETT JEEP SAFARI BOOKING one can simply visit them by using the Gypsies which are provided by the Tourist department of the Forest. Apart from this, in order to maintain the peaceful visit it is suggestible to plan out the visit prior and through the Online Mode. It covers about atleast 488 types of species of Plants which are basically recorded, marking the density inside ranging highest from the Sal Forests and the lowest towards the Anogeissus-Acacia Catechu Forests.

While planning for CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING it is good to know that the area covers a large belt into which there lays down many attractive tourist places nearby situated like the Lansdowne, the Nainital, the Haridwar, the Rishikesh and many more which can also be visited at the time of the visiting the JIM CORBETT.

At the time of going for CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING there are many more attractive things in the lane like the exotic Bird Watching is on the crawl as there are ample of species of the birds and to an average point there are recorded about 500 species of the birds inside the park. 586 types of species from the Resident along with the Migratory Birds, 33 types of species from the Reptiles, 36 types of species of Dragonflies, most popular the Bengal Tiger, Leopards, Small Cats, Jungle Cats, Fishing Cats, with the inclusion of other Mammals like Barking Deer, Sambar Deer, Hog Deer, Chital, Sloth, Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Grey Mongoose, Otters, Yellow Throated Martens, Himalayan Goral, Indian Pangolins, Langur, Rhesus Macaques, Owls, Nightjars, Indian Elephants, Indian Pythons, Crocodiles, Gharials and much more inside the CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING panel.

There are many things coming in the front lane while going for CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING that the adventure of the forest is not only sticked with the Animals and Birds. It also offers many adventurous activities like the Fishing as the Mahseer Fish is the craze of the area and there are many fishing spots which can be visited too at the time Safari Rides on the outskirts of the forests. Apart from fishing as well, the more adventurous one can go for the River Rafting as well in the rapid and the water full of turbulence from the River Ram Ganga which could be a thrilling experience. The most common season for rafting goes well in the Monsoons.

Notifying in terms, out of 5 exotic Zones of the Corbett National Park there is only 1 Zone- The Jhirna which is always open, even in the Monsoon season as well and can easily be taken a safari ride into. THE CORBETT SAFARI offers a lane full of Adventures among which the most wonderful experience comes out of the Safari.

Rest the CORBETT SAFARI BOOKING must be approached by keeping in mind that the Dhikala Zone which requires at least 90 days prior booking for the stay. Apart from this there are several zones like the Khinnauli, the Sarpduli, the Gairal, the Bijrani, the Lohachuad, the Pakhro, the Kalagad and the Ratwadab which are the essential gates as well to enter inside for a sneak peek into the forest.

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