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Jim Corbett National Park – Do What You Love Adventure or Nothing


At the earlier point, there were some areas of the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK which were considered a part of the most prestigious Tehri Garhwal Dynasty, and the area of the dense forests were made cleared in order to make more appropriate and make the area looks less vulnerable to the invaders of the Rohilla. Some part of the area coming under the princely state of the East India Company were renounced by the Raja of Tehri in concern of the banishing the Gurkhas from the domain.

Earlier at the place of JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK – THE CORBETT SAFARI, there was a community of Boksas, belonging from the tribal background from the Terai region itself which were settled at the place and started practicing farming until the beginning of the early 1860’s until the British Rule came into existence and they all were made left.  In the year of 1930, then the higher authorities came into existence with a much executed plan for the demarcations of the area where Mr. JIM CORBETT assisted. During the years of 1954 and 1955 the area was named as the Ramganga National Park and soon after that in order to honor the well renowned person a great author and a wildlife conservationist Mr. JIM CORBETT, the name was again changed for final and was kept JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK.

Where the basic format raise and come up in the lane particularly for the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK marking the fundamental concern behind that is somewhat a Park that belongs to the country and to the people surviving into it and then it is considered as marking into the procedure of making in regards for the enrichment of the particular lives basically for all of us.

As JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is most famous as the tourist destination in the northern zone for the terms of wildlife and it’s related adventurous. It is most famous for it’s Tiger Reserve and the Jungle Safari. Apart from this, JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is the most famous tourist destination for various adventurous things like ANGLING- It is increasingly and becoming one of the popular recreational sports for the tourists. The ones who visit the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK specially through THE CORBETT SAFARI mostly found to go with this adventurous stuff.

In Uttarakhand, particularly in Nainital District there seems to be many hotels and resorts who have introduced the angling to the extreme level. One can even enjoy the sport in Ramnagar itself which planning to visit the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK.  As there seems to be many rivers, lakes, ponds and streams in the nearby areas which serves as place for recreational activities particularly for the angling sport. In the rivers of Uttarakhanad there are many fishes among which the spieces Mahaseer and the Trout are the most famous one.

Considering the point of enjoying the jungle life in the lap of the jungle itself, JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is forsure an ideal place to visit and enjoy the holidays inside the zone of forest. Particularly talking in terms of the adventurous trip for the adventure freaks, the bird watchers, the anglers or else the main animal lovers then JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is a must visit for them.

Diverting the scenarios to the main corse of safety the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK acts like the biggest protected area for the crucial and critical endangered Bengal Tiger, this comes for considering as the beauty of Indian animals. Along with this, the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is stays at considering zone of the best managed and the well protected areas in the India. JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK creates gesture by attracting the thousands of Indian as well as the foreign visitors every year with an increasing number. The only caution which is required and clarifies the mandatory sector  to be followed is the guidelines which are provided by the department of forest which are strictly at the case of perusing without any if’s and but’s to be the secured ones as the forest is the Home Of Animals.

JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is considered to be situated at the foot hills of the belt of the Himalayan region in India where this JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is termed to be considered with the several of the geographical and the ecological aspects of the characteristics which are splendid with the different and a variant version of the landscapes. Along with this consideration there comes the entrance of the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK which opens the mouth of gates at four main sectors like the Amdanda Gate, the Dhangarhi Gate, the Khara Gate and the Durga Devi Gate. It is always considered to be an advisable part to check through the online booking first with TheCorbettSafari before planning to visit and landing in the zone straight away, particularly in the weekends as there are only limited vehicles in number which are allowed for entering at a time between 50-60 only. The bookings in advance can also cost much cheaper for the visitors depending on the range of the visitors at the time of bookings.

There is an important Noting point that, the gates of the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK are closed during the monsoon season and opens back again in the winters (closes on 15 June to 15 November probably) with which the guest houses are also opened for the same time period eventually. In order to reach the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK the best approach is through rails and by roads to the centre point called as the Ramnagar, which is also the headquarters of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Ramnagar is the small town located in the state of Uttrakhand which connects the major networks of cities through rail like Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital, Bareilly, Haridwar, Haldwani etc. Along with this it is important consideration for the travelers travelling by own vehicle that, there is no fuel station found beyond the particular range in Ramnagar. Driving the track off zone is strictly prohibited inside the premises and the gates of the JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK are closed at their fixed timings, in whose concern visitors are advised to be mentally prepared for visiting the wildlife not a zoo particularly by strictly following it’s guidelines.

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