Jim Corbett Package With Safari

( 01 Night /02 Days )

Welcome Drink On Arrival
 Breakfast & Dinner
 Bonfire (During Winters)
 Jungle Walk
 03 Hours Jeep Safari In Corbett Zone.

 Tea /Coffee Maker In Room
 Free Access To Indoor/Outdoor Games.
 Internet Facilities
 Complimentary Use Of Swiming Pool.

Packages Starts : –

3 star resort-

Customized for Indian National Room Allotment
2 People  5200/- per person 1 Room
3 People  4300/- per person 1 Room
4 People  4100/- per person 2 Rooms
5 People  3800/- per person 2 Rooms
6 People  3600/- per person 2 Rooms

Jim Corbett National Park on your mind? Planning to book a Jim Corbett package, but still not sure how to go about it? Don’t know where to stay? Trouble booking a jeep safari? Or simply confused when should one visit Corbett?

Well when you have already logged on to thecorbettsafari.com these problems will not bother you anymore. Booking Jim Corbett packages here is a child’s play. We offer one stop solution to all your questions regarding Jim Corbett National Park.

Our experts with more then 20 years of experience help you at every step in booking your Jim Corbett packages. Be it transport from your hometown, to choosing the right resort, to choosing the right time to visit Jim Corbett National Park, to understanding the geography, we offer solution to all the queries one might have.

Many of our guests booking a package with us are first timers, and have never experienced wilderness before. Most of our clients get misleading information from unreliable resources, which leads to confusion, and taking a decision becomes tough. Simple tasks like booking a safari becomes cumbersome in absence of the right guidance.

Most of us have been to popular destinations like Goa, Manali, Mussorie etc. but Jim Corbett National Park as compared to these destinations is a lesser known and less explored tourist destination. So naturally the information available on internet is scarce and many a times misleading too. People booking Jim Corbett packages through some inexperienced agencies might not be able to explore the park in a way it should be done.

Jim Corbett is a unique place, and naturally the needs of clients booking a package will be unique too, and that is something which not all travel agencies can deal with. Somebody who himself hasn’t explored the true wilderness cannot help you in building and booking your Jim Corbett Package.

Planning a perfect itinerary and booking the best Jim Corbett package is something which requires the mix and match of Client’s requirements and doing what ought to be done in order to maximize the satisfaction of the guest. The guests coming to Jim Corbett National Park for the first time have no idea about the booking procedure or the places of interest etc. Due to lack of correct information on net, it becomes more difficult to decide about the same. It is the duty of the facilitator to understand the need of the guest and design an itinerary accordingly.

When you decide to visit Jim Corbett National Park, before booking the package, first question you should ask yourself is how many days do you want to spend here in Jim Corbett or many how many days do you have at your disposal. Most of the people who call me to book their Jim Corbett packages ask me this question, ‘How many Days are enough to explore Jim Corbett?’ Well if you ask me, a life time is less 😉 , jokes apart the minimum time one requires to spend at Jim Corbett is at-least two nights and three days, Although three nights and four nights is desirable but if you are driving down on your own from a distance of less then 400 kilometers then two nights will also be sufficient.

One night and two days Jim Corbett packages are also offered but then the check out timings for resorts are 10 am mostly, and checking inn a day before at 12 noon and then doing a single safari spending a night and then going back to home will not do justice to the destination, One will not be able to explore the the lesser known places and ultimately leading to the belief that Jim Corbett has only Jeep safari to offer.

Nowadays apart from Jeep Safari, you can include a lot of other activities in your Jim Corbett Package. Jim Corbett as a destination offers you a host of activities apart from Jeep Safari. You can go for nature walks, or just sit and enjoy the calmness of the nature, sitting on the deck of your resort admiring the beauty of Kosi river. Star gazing is another popular activity rapidly gaining popularity in Jim Corbett National Park, away from the pollution of cities the sky is comparatively clear and full of stars here.

Small and medium sized set ups have come up for adventure activities too, you can include these in your Jim Corbett Package or one can also opt for spot bookings, but is always advisable to have them included in your package in advance as it is comparatively cheaper if pre-booked and hassle free too. The activities offered by these adventure parks include rock climbing, rappling, bungee swing, burma bridge, flyig fox etc.

So these are only some of the tips to be kept in mind when booking your Jim Corbett Packages with, there are plenty more which we can share with you, and we are sure that you also must be having a lot queries regarding the same. We at Corbett Expert are waiting to hear from you and our executives will be more then happy in helping you out. Call us on the given numbers today and feel free to ask our experts any questions you have in your mind and book your Jim Corbett Packages with us.

Situated in the foothills of majestic Himalayas, breathing across the brimming kosi , Jim Corbett national park welcomes you whole heartedly, with everything for you to spend some quality time your family in the overwhelming remoteness embraced by nature bestowing some of the breathtaking adventure activities to make your holiday a memorable one.

With plenty of choices in hand , from elephant safari to jeep safari, from swimming in pool at the resort to chilling at the bank of kosi ,nature walk to adventure talk, This oldest national park of Asia is a hub for some historical knowledge for kids along with a holiday destination to enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature.

Here at jim Corbett you can spot the rarest animals and reptiles like tigers and Indian Python , indulge into wildlife photography and sit an feel the soothing aroma and cool breeze of the greens coming straight outta woods.

From luxury cottages to pocket friendly rooms, we have it all to make your stay a comfortable one. Equipped with all the necessities, the resort will give you feeling of home away from home. Our culinary experts put in the best of their skills to make you drool over the mouth watering delicacies from all over the world right amid the Himalayas.

Our travel guides will help you explore every inch of the national park, helping you experience the thrill of exhilarating adventure sports like rock climbing, river crossing , and many more along with experiencing the divinity of holistic nature.

Things coming handy with a basic package are:

  • Welcome drink on arrival (Non Alcoholic)
  • Room on twin sharing basis
  • Breakfast, and dinner at the restaurant with a mesmerizing view.
  • Use of swimming pool
  • Recreational activities in resort premises
  • Bonfire with soft music (only in winters)
  • Nature walk & sightseeing accompanied by expert guide
  • 03 Hours Jeep safari in corbett zone.

And of course, the never tiring sight seeing with moments worth capturing.

Basic Package

DAY 1:

Arrive at the jim Corbett national park, and get a welcome drink soon after checking in.

Relax and make yourself comfortable in your room while we arrange the mouth-watering delicacies for you.

Go sight seeing after lunch and come back to the resort when thee sun goes down.

DAY 2:

Filled with chills and thrills of nature walk and adventure activities along with wildlife safari. & Enjoy the place howsoever you like and depart in the Afternoon.


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